"Completely unique in the contemporary landscape, Yann Le Coadic and Alessandro Scotto are inventing a suggestive architecture enriched with dreamlike images, side by side. The one is more creative, the other more technical, but their tastes are always aligned. The two architects have been working together for more than a decade, and have stood out for their eclectic projects. Perhaps drawing on their extensive work in fashion - whether for designers or brands, strong personalities and effective visuals - they have cultivated a way of working that is highly attentive to the other, his life goals, and the world around him. There is no distinguishing style, but rather technique, materials and emotion, which draw on the art of composition to reveal an understanding of a project’s identity and essence. Although each of their projects is perfectly in step with its sponsor, they all boast unpretentious elegance and refined discretion, imbuing LeCoadic-Scotto with a contemporary style that reaches beyond fashion and trends."